Centrifugal Fans

Tecnoplast USA manufactures our own centrifugal fans from chemically resistant material to match the toughest of exhaust fume applications. We have three main models:

VL Series Fan is designed to be our off of the shelf smaller series. Made of corrosion resistant plastic (PP), the VL series has 4 models VL 160, VL 200, VL 250 and VL 315. These high efficiency fan blades have been designed for lower power motors while ensuring high efficiency output.

DD Series Fan is our medium capacity direct drive fan that is manufactured out of corrosion resistant plastic (PP, PE, PVC or PVDF). The DD fans have a max output of 21 CFM @ 4.33” WC

BD Series Fan is our high capacity belt driven fan that is manufacture from plastic or coated steel, depending on the rotation of the fan blades. This is out most customized fan for larger exhaust systems. Housing are fabricated from PP, PVDF, PE, PVC, and PRFV coating available. There are 3 BD models available; BDL, BDM and BDH- for Low, Medium and High pressure.