TECNOPLAST is specialized in plastics processing, as well as designing and production of technological equipment for chemical products. The systems made by TECNOPLAST concern the processing of corrosive fumes and odors found in industrial applications (air scrubbers), metal finishing systems (pickling, electroplating) and automatic chemical dosing systems.

The task of our team is to offer support and solutions, designing systems according to the needs and demands of the customer. Major industrial customers include: chemical processors, metal industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry.

The high quality is a distinctive feature of the products and systems made by TECNOPLAST. We use only the finest raw materials on the market. Moreover, technologies adopted allow the use of cutting edge operating stations, which help to reduce the production costs and to increase precision.

The focus of TECNOPLAST is constantly turned to the customer to fully understand their problems and their needs, while being committed to providing the best solutions as soon as possible. The company’s policy, in fact, is constantly seeking to improve value and satisfaction of the customer.