Scrubbers / Air Scrubbers

Tecnoplast can solve your corrosive air issues with the most advanced processes in the industry. Our scrubbers are engineered to solve the toughest air pollution issues. Tecnoplast designs, manufactures, install and maintain the equipment for your projects. Our fume scrubbers are mostly made of PP, but we can also make them out of PE, PVC or PVDF. We will do the initial project engineering that will let us see what your process is and make the best solution for your specific project needs. Our scrubbers are designed to be the most efficient in the industry. Tecnoplast include windows and manways for easy maintenance and repair/replacement of packing and mist eliminator pads. Once a project is installed, it will need to be maintained. Tecnoplast USA scrubbers are designed to require the most cost efficient maintenance.

Types of Scrubbers Tecnoplast can manufacture: