Elika Drum Pumps

Tough and durable, Elika Drum Pumps are well suited for transferring water or chemicals from the drums and totes to your process. The dip tubes come in PVDF, PVC or SS and the screw drive can be PVDF, PP or nylon. We can help select the correct tube and screw for you chemical applications. Elika pumps have a special screw contained in the dip tube, driven by an electric or pneumatic motor. This innovative design reduces the rotations by a third over traditional pumps, giving the possibility to operate in a run dry condition. The patented operation is based on a double priming system that achieves remarkable capacities at low rpm with a total head of over 22 feet. It is manufactured with engineered materials resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

There are 3 models to choose from: Elika Plus- PVDF by PVDF, Elika C- PVC by PP and the Elika S- 316 stainless steel by nylon.