• 1969

    CIIDAR established. Main activity of CIIDAR: Spinning Lead production and maintenance for SNIA Viscosa.


  • 1971

    The first production site was established in Limbiate, near Milan. Main production: Pumps, Fans and Exhaust Systems for Air Treatment made in PP or PVC.

  • 1979

    TECNOPLAST Establishment. A subsidiary of CIIDAR, the main activity of Tecnoplast was the construction of Technological Systems for precious metal manufacturers.


  • 1984

    Development in Textile Industry. TECNOPLAST started the Production of Chemical Dosing Systems for the textile industry, due to experience gained in chemical market.

  • 1991

    Development in Metal Industry. Acquired technologies in precious metal working, favored Metal Surface Treatment Equipment production.

  • 2003

    TECNOPLAST & CIIDAR Fusion. TECNOPLAST & CIIDAR combined the know-how of both companies to increase production and design capacity.

  • 2012

    TECNOPLAST USA Establishment. The US subsidiary was established in Indiana, due to a strong international orientation of the current management of TECNOPLAST and an ambitious business project.