Centrifugal Roof Fans

Centrifugal fans can be usually used for industrial processes and air pollution control plants. The main property should therefore be resistance to corrosion, which has been obtained by the rational selection of those thermoplastics which offer the best warranties to resist to most chemical compounds.

Finally we can offer you a complete series of centrifugal fans with three possibile choices as far as manufacturing materials are concerned, in order to fulfill any requirement: PP, PVC, PE, PVDF, antistatic PP. Our centrifugal fans can have capacity up to 17.0000 cmh. Tecnoplast offers a series of highly efficient single-suction centrifugal fans, a great versatility of models, materials and features, making a product the image of a Company. Centrifugal roof fans series TRI are specifically designed to extract air from rooms or environments with presence of chemicals, as they are completely manufactured in plastic materials.


These products are mainly intented to the following industries:

Chemical Metal Pharmaceutical Textile